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Query syntax

single termdocumentSearches for messages that contain "document" term in any field
phrase"important document"Searches for messages that contain the phrase "important document" in any field
searching fieldssubject:documentSearches for messages that contain "document" term in the subject field
wildcard searchdoc?mentSingle character wildcard search. It will match "document" and "dociment", but not "docooment"
document*Multi-character wildcard search. It will match "document" and "documentation"
fuzzy searchdocument~Search based on similar spelling
document~0.9Search based on similar spelling, with 0.9 similarity (0.5 is the default)
proximity search"important document"~5Finds words of a phrase that are not next to each other. Maximum distance in this example is 5 words
range searchdate:{20050501 TO 20050531}Searches for messages posted between 1st May 2005 and 31st May 2005 (exclusive)
date:[20050501 TO 20050531]Searches for messages posted between 1st May 2005 and 31st May 2005 (inclusive)
relevanceimportant^4 documentSet boost factor of the term "important" to 4. Default boost factor is 1
"important document"^4 "search engine"You can set boost factor for phrases too
OR operatorimportant document"OR" is the default operator
important OR documentThe message must contain either "important" or "document"
AND operatorimportant AND documentThe message must contain both words
+ operatorimportant +documentThe message must contain "document" and may contain "important"
NOT/- operator-important documentThe message must contain "document" but not "important"
grouping(important OR office) AND documentUse parentheses for expression grouping
from:(Einstein OR Newton)Parentheses work with fields as well

Prohibited queries

wildcards at the beginning of a term?ocument, *ocument
common wordsa, the, andCommon words are not indexed
special characters: + - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \\+, \:Use a backslash to escape the special characters