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AuthorTopic: Problem adding pushbutton
Thomas RuschakProblem adding pushbutton
on Thu, 21 Jun 2012 03:33:04 -0400

I am using XPPFD 1.90.355 on 64-bit Windows 7. Brand new
downloads/install of that.  I also installed the Visual Xbase++
Version 2.0 PreRelease, and <CXP:Technology/> 2.0 CTP1 Build 2.0.422.
(Just to be complete)

I am a Clipper programmer, totally new to Xbase++, and am working my
way through the 3-hour Getting Started PDF. 

I am at the point where it's telling me to create a new form, use the
Fields assistant to add some fields to the form, then add next and
previous buttons to it.  

Seems like it should be easy, but each time I do XBaseParts->Push
Button->Next and try to place the button on the form, I get an error:

Error creating object. The class cannot be used with this application.

If I create a new form and place a pushbutton on it, it works without
a problem.  It seems like once I place some fields or even a text box
from the Statics tab on the form, I can't add a pushbutton.

Can anyone help me?  Am I doing something wrong?