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AuthorTopic: Small helper functions for conneciton strings
Sander EliasSmall helper functions for conneciton strings
on Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:35:50 +0100
Hi all,

As I was really annoyed by the connection string manipulation all the time, I wrote this small helper functions
perhaps it is of some use to someone:

function connectSettings()
   local oSet  := dataObject():new()
    in this sample I set the needed info from strings
    in a real project, you should read it from a configuration
   oSet:DBE    := "pgdbe"
   oSet:SERVER := "LocalHost"
   oSet:UID    := "postgres"
   oSet:PWD    := "postgres"
   oSet:DB     := "xppsamples"
    return the connection as an easy to use dataObject
    the asString method will return a connection string as needed
    by all the SQL and DACsession stuff.
   return oSet

function _connectSettingsToString(self)
   local aMembers := self:classDescribe(CLASS_DESCR_MEMBERS)
   local cRet     := ""
   aEval(aMembers,{|e|cRet += e[1] + '=' + self:&(e[1]) + ";"})
   return cRet

Sander Elias
also a member off the XXP (