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AuthorTopic: Upsizing failing
Stewart LauUpsizing failing
on Fri, 21 Aug 2015 05:10:37 +0200

Does anyone ever encounter any index upsizing failure?

>>> start upsize
>>> start configuration
>>> start load configuration file
<<< done load configuration file
>>> start validate configuration
<<< done validate configuration
>>> start load database engine(s)
<<< done load database engine(s)
<<< done configuration
>>> start verify upsize target connections
<<< done verify upsize target connections
>>> start prepare upsize process
--- workarea: AC Orders: {ACDOC, ACNME}
--- workarea: ACEXPLOD Orders: {ACEXPLOD}
--- workarea: ACIMPLOD Orders: {ACIMPLOD}
--- workarea: AGE Orders: {AGEDOC, AGENME}
--- workarea: AP Orders: {APDOC, APDOC2, APDOC3}
--- workarea: APTAX Orders: {APTAX}
--- workarea: AR Orders: {ARDOC, ARDOC2, ARDOC3}
--- workarea: ATTN Orders: {ATTN1, ATTN2, ATTN3, ATTN4}
--- workarea: BANK Orders: {BANKDOC, BANKDESC}
--- workarea: BANKFCST Orders: {BANKFCST}
--- workarea: BATCH Orders: {BATCH1, BATCH2, BATCH3, BATCH4, BATCH5, 
--- workarea: BMEXPLOD Orders: {BMEXPL01, BMEXPL02}
--- workarea: BMIMPLOD Orders: {BMIMPL01, BMIMPL02}
--- workarea: BOM Orders: {BOMDOC1, BOMDOC2, BOMDOC3, BOMDOC4}
--- workarea: BOMDESC Orders: {BOMDESC}
--- workarea: BPI Orders: {BPI}
--- workarea: CASHCA Orders: {CASHCA}
--- workarea: CASHDATA Orders: {CASHDAT1}
--- workarea: CASHTP Orders: {CASHTP}
--- workarea: CHEQREG Orders: {CHEQREG}
--- workarea: CHEQUE Orders: {}
--- workarea: CHKPARA Orders: {}
--- workarea: CLASS Orders: {CLASSDOC}
--- Error(/OrdListAdd) opening bag (COMPRCI1.ntx)
+++ some data files are not accessible, please correct this and try again
<<< prepare upsize process failed!
Prepare upsize process failed, for details see log!

It says that COMPRCI1.ntx is not accessible, but the other .NTXs are fine.
Is there any limitations on what kind of NTX is readable by the upsize 

Stewart Launotifications
on Fri, 21 Aug 2015 05:11:00 +0200
Stewart LauRe: notifications
on Tue, 20 Oct 2015 04:26:49 +0200
Stewart Lau wrote in message news:2cb5ecac$52468937$6b31a@news.alaska-


The issue was because the original .NTX was created using user defined 
functions in the condition command like so

INDEX ON A TO B FOR IIF(lTrue, D>0, D<0)

the resulting Index (B.NTX), will fail when you do the upsize.

We used several user defined functions when creating a few indexes, that's 
why some of the indexes was able to be upsized and some don't.

All we did was to re-create the indexes accordingly.