Alaska Software Inc. - DLL mismatch with PostGreSQL DBE
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AuthorTopic: DLL mismatch with PostGreSQL DBE
Tim CallahanDLL mismatch with PostGreSQL DBE
on Fri, 21 Jan 2022 14:48:12 -0800
I am getting a "Possble DLL mismatch error" when I include the
PostGreSQL DBE in my dbesys.prg. I am using xBase Professonal Edition
2.00.1520. I run my program using the DLLs in the runtime install
folder so I assume they should all be compatible versions. Does anyone
have any thoughts on next steps I should take? Here is the code from
my dbesys.prg file.Sorry for the poor formatting.  If I comment it out
I don't get the error.
Thanks in advance,

  DbeLoad('pgdbe', .F. )

  cSTr :=

  oSession := DacSession():New(cStr)

  IF ! oSession:IsConnected()
     msgbox('Connection failed
     msgbox('Connection successful')