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AuthorTopic: Mixing artificial intelligence into my StarLite project
Nestor G. TorresMixing artificial intelligence into my StarLite project
on Fri, 11 Aug 2017 12:50:01 +0200
Hi Guy's

Just an update on my StarLite project with lots of R&D.

I have spent many years in my solo development quest and I am now 
venturing into the world of artificial intelligence. Have a visit to my 
demonstration StarLite (HTML, Javascript, jquery, CSS, CXP, Alaska 
xbase) eCommerce web application and have a snoop around; when entering 
my demo web site you must allow StarLite the use of your computers 
onboard microphone; that is if you have one. When you discover the 
microphone click onto it and give it the command "Fetch the movie 
catalog" in most cases, it will fetch the movie catalog or give you a 
message for other voice catalog commands that you can use. Yes, this is 
artificial intelligence and it can be very nebulous especially when 
trying to marry it to a vertical logic business process... This is new 
technology which I am playing around with and I believe it is going to 
get better. remember my web site is only a demonstration. I do have 
other clients who are using StarLite but without the natural language 
command module because it is still not perfect.

Click on the link below to visit my demo: