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AuthorTopic: XbpCheckbox() - AutoSize
Chris PalmerXbpCheckbox() - AutoSize
on Tue, 06 Mar 2018 16:42:28 +0000

Strange finding when using the AutoSize of a standard check box!

    PUBLIC app1cb := {{ XBP_PP_COMPOUNDNAME  , "10.Arial Bold"}}

    oC11:= XbpCheckbox():new( oDA, , {20,400}, {0,0}, app1cb)
    oC11:caption   := "This Is The Text"

Using this code above, the autosize doesn't calculate the text size properly
It seems to be calculating the text size from the font "8.Helv" - regardless 
of how I set up the font in :- app1cb

Can anyone help ?  Is there anything I can do  ?
Thanks for any advice