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AuthorTopic: Alt-S(earch), and changing scopes.
Frans VermeulenAlt-S(earch), and changing scopes.
on Fri, 23 Jun 2006 16:52:43 +0200
I've been using the VX editor since one of the very early versions,
and I always assumed the feature would be handy in different situations,
but up till now I haven't met such a situation. In all other situations it's
a nuisance.

What is the case:

If you start a search/ search and replace, when your cursor is in a marked
block, the range of your search will be set to "selected text".

So every time you want to change something in your code, everytime
applies, you copy something into clipboard, you do a search, you paste, you
Als-S, F, Enter, say "d@**<beep>", press escape, Alt-S, F again, you search
your mouse, select the "Global" radiobutton, and push "search next". Really
when you have to do 40 replacements 

Frans Vermeulen