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AuthorTopic: Xb2.NET v4.3 released
Boris BorzicXb2.NET v4.3 released
on Sat, 07 Jan 2023 00:28:30 +0100
Xb2.NET v4.3 is now available for download.

This release brings low-level support for setting up a reverse HTTP proxy. 
It allows your Xbase++ HTTP server to act as a middleman (or proxy), 
relaying HTTP requests to a different server on behalf of the connected 
client. A reverse proxy can be used to:

* Provide load balancing by distributing computationally intensive tasks to 
other servers. 

* Provide global server load balancing by sending a client to a server that 
is geographically closest to them.

* Process requests that Xb2.NET can't handle natively. Example: Send all 
PHP requests to NGINX running on a Linux server. To the client, everything 
looks as if it was processed by the Xb2.NET server itself.

* Process requests that are only available on a back-end server not 
accessible from the Internet. 

* Provide external hacking protection for sensitive origin servers by 
hiding the origin server behind a firewall only accessible via the reverse 

* SSL encryption can be computationally expensive. A reverse proxy can be 
configured to decrypt all incoming requests and encrypt all outgoing 
responses, freeing up valuable resources on the origin server.

This release also includes some bug fixes and performance tweaks. It's 
available free of charge to all users with valid support. If you are a 
licensed Xb2.NET user but your support has expired, you will need to 
purchase an upgrade. All upgrades include 12 months no-charge support. 

For more info and to purchase an upgrade, please visit:

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
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