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AuthorTopic: Xb2.NET v4.0 with IPv6 support released
Boris BorzicXb2.NET v4.0 with IPv6 support released
on Sat, 15 Feb 2020 20:48:24 +0100
Xb2.NET v4.0 with support for IPv6 & TLS 1.3 is now available for download.

NOTE: In order to support IPv6 we were forced to drop support forWindow XP 
and Server 2003. As a result, Xb2.NET v4.0+ will no longer run on these 
legacy operating systems. At the same time however, we are also making 
available Xb2.NET v3.8 which only supports IPv4 but will continue to run on 
Windows XP and Server 2003. If legacy operating system support is not 
needed, then you are advised to upgrade your applications to v4.0.

Regardless of the operating system, rest assured that both Xb2.NET v3.8 and 
v4.0 support the latest security and encryption standard - TLS 1.3!

Otherhighlightsof this update:

* New xbEval() function to dynamically compile and run external .PRG 
scripts. Can now use dynamic scripts in any (desktop or web) application.

* Added support for SHA-3Secure Hash Algorithm.

* New:onSend event handler which is triggered just before HTTP content is 
transmitted. Added a new WebSocket mirroring sample that shows how to use 
:onSend to mirror the screens of remote clients.

* Some bug fixes and reliability enhancements to prevent certain denial of 
service (DoS) hacks on the HTTP server.

This release is available free of charge to all users with valid support. 
If you are a licensed Xb2.NET user but your support period has expired, you 
will need to purchase an upgrade. All upgrades include 12 months no-charge 
support and software updates.

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Xb2.NET is an essential tool for developing cloud and secure Internet 
applications. It provides support for low-level socket communications as 
well as interfaces for WebSocket, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, XML, JSON and 
SOAP. With Xb2.NET, it is possible to develop a native stand-alone Xbase++ 
web server that does not rely on any external services. 

Released in 2002 and continually enhanced, Xb2.NET has matured into a 
robust tool that you can safely depend on to build mission critical client 
and server-side applications.

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
industrial strength Xbase++ development tools