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Nick Ramoundos XBPListBox
on Fri, 07 Apr 2017 17:47:36 +0200
I am working on an app in XBase v1.92

There are 3 instances thoughout the application where I use XBPListBox to 
create a list (such as an email distribution), and and delete entries 
from the list, which I later save in a database memo field.

I have noticed recently that if I call the procedures using the 
XBPListbox in the dialog, it hangs the application after some random 
number if uses.

I have rewritten the code several times (this would seem to be the 
easiest XBase part to use for such data manipulation) but each time, the 
accessing of these fields hangs the system.  I have traced the program 
stoppage to the point where I am loading the list using the :addItem() 

I've had to work around this using XbpMLE parts but was just wondering if 
anyone out there in the Alask universe experienced the same symptoms and 
ig you've found a cause/fix?

Regards and thanking you in advance,
Nick Ramoundos