Alaska Software Inc. - Little bug in Projectmanager
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AuthorTopic: Little bug in Projectmanager
Klemens LichterLittle bug in Projectmanager
on Sat, 23 Oct 2004 21:02:07 +0200
maybee it is mentioned earlier but it is irritating anyway:

If I include a new .CH file into my project it should be shown within the
"includes" section of the project manager. But "adding a new target to the
project" only  places the file name at the very end of the whole project
tree. This is not correct.
Also: Only those .CH files are written within the "includes" section that
are listened with the #include ""  directive within my .prg file. But
unfortunately this #include directive is case sensitive: If I write for
example #Include or something similiar the .CH file will not be shown within
the "includes" section. This is very irritating, and should be fixed
sometimes. Thank you Alaska.