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AuthorTopic: The Magic of cxp and javascript working together
Nestor G. TorresThe Magic of cxp and javascript working together
on Sun, 28 Feb 2016 06:55:18 +0200
Hi Guys,

Just implemented another successful installation of StarLite....

I put in some new processes to automate and randomize the "Customer May 
Also Like" stock records across a stores rental great. A 
resulting sample can be seen from the attached images.

Another automated process which I've have written  is to populate the 
footer icons found at the bottom of the StarLite Stock images.

These automated processes have been written with Alaska xBase within my 
counter top application called RAPS. And the results of these processes 
are used as input to the StarLite application that uses CXP. StarLite 
dynamically construct the selections within the webpage all pretty 
powerful stuff.

The one thing I have been working towards is to remove the need to have 
a web developer that costs the small business man money that he can not 

Currently this customer from where the samples have been taken is doing 
a better turn over since they have started using StarLite. I was 
surprised since he is renting out dvds. The strength of his business 
model is that he has a huge catalog of movies that can now be browsed on 
the Internet using StarLite. The business is Retro.

If you are curios as to what I have been doing visit (which has more links to my other production sites)

Anyway I thought I'd say something since it's been quite on this forum.

Kind Regards,