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Chris ChambersSMS Messaging and Phone Call Contact
on Thu, 23 Mar 2017 06:07:12 -0700
Hi Folks

This maybe old news to some of you.

If anyone is interested you can now access the Short Message service and 
originate Phone message prompts and streaming phone calls directly from 
xBase++ regardless of the xBase++ version. As long as you can create and 
Active X object.

To do this you will need the Chilkat Library (Incredibly Powerful), or 
write your own library and a Twilio Account.

Website for Chilkat
Website for Twilio

You can actually type SMS messages on your keyboard or programmatically 
and send them to any cell phone anywhere.

I have also used SMS messages to control my Xbase++ application by 
simply sending it special codes. Very easy to do.

Check it out, it may help to broaden your markets. Especially from a CRM 
and Marketing point of view.


Chris Chambers
Kelowna BC Canada