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AuthorTopic: Join Xbase++ on YouTube!
Alaska SoftwareJoin Xbase++ on YouTube!
on Fri, 10 Mar 2017 16:09:17 +0100
We would like to invite you to our brand new YouTube channel:
all-about-code at:

All-about-code is about Xbase++ and related technologies. The shows
in all-about-code strictly talk about source code, coding patterns,
software architecture and whatever else is important when working with
the Xbase++ platform.

Summing-Up: the first show on the all-about-code channel is hosted
by our Chief Architect Steffen F. Pirsig. We plan to have new episodes
of the Summing-Up show published shortly after an update for Xbase++.
Since updates are published many times a year, you can expect to see
Steffen almost monthly.

If you feel that this type of communication fits your needs, please
subscribe to our all-about-code channel. If you don't like it, tell
us why and send an email to

We love Xbase++, and you?!