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AuthorTopic: Windows 11 problem
Osvaldo RamirezWindows 11 problem
on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 15:44:18 -0700
Hello ...

I want to know if someone has the same problem with Windows 11.

I have four pc, all connected in the same network.

One of them has a EPSON local printer and share it.

So to print from the other tree computer , I use this

First I map a network resource to local resource ...

net use lpt1 \\mainpc\printername

Then  From my Xbase++ app, I print with following code :

set printer to lpt1
set printer on
set console off
? Info ...
set console on
set printer off
set printer to

All work Ok, but I the the terminal has Windows 11, my Xbase++ cannot 
print, but If I do in the same terminal using Command Prompt

dir > lpt1 [Enter]

it work fine.

Any help I will apreciate.

Best Regards
Osvaldo Ramirez