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AuthorTopic: Include File Selection
Joe Carrick Include File Selection
on Wed, 12 Apr 2006 07:54:06 -0700
When creating a prg and needing to enter the name\path to an include 
file it would be nice to have a file dialog to get the exact path/name - 
  similar to adding a file to the project.

IOW, an option in the editor to add an include file.  This would result 
in the complete or relative path/filename being inserted automatically 
into the source code.

Actually, this would be nice for any file name.  So if you needed to 
select a bitmap file, include file, etc you could just browse to the 
desired file and get the name directly inserted into the code.  Having 
the complete or relative path would preclude having to have the 
particular file located in the environmental path.

Thanks, Joe