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AuthorTopic: Frankfurter Xbase++ Tracks 2013 - conference agenda
Alaska SoftwareFrankfurter Xbase++ Tracks 2013 - conference agenda
on Thu, 07 Nov 2013 12:30:00 +0100
Dear Xbase++, Visual FoxPro and FoxPro developer,

The German Xbase++ Tracks 2013 are going to be held shortly, from the 14th 
to the 16th of November. And we're quickly running out of space! Even so the 
Frankfurter Xbase++ Tracks 2013 are a German-speaking conference, we thought 
it makes sense to publish the conference summary:

Thursday, Nov. 14th, is all about working with Xbase++. Although this day's 
presentations deal with subjects related to Xbase++ 1.9 as well as 2.0, the 
main focus is on working with tables/indexes and databases.

The presentations dealing with SQL are designed for experienced 
ISAM/navigation-oriented developers looking to familiarize themselves with 
using SQL in their existing applications. The main goals here are to achieve 
better performance and readability of the source code. The second 
presentation on SQL illustrates how the technology may be utilized in 
alternative scenarios, that is, beyond just DBF tables and databases. More 
specifically, common programming tasks normally involving arrays or 
FOR/WHILE loops are being solved using Universal SQL, in a manner that is 
more elegant and even faster!

Friday, Nov. 15th, the sessions mostly deal with web and mobile application 
development. But don't let yourself be fooled by the subject: the 
presentations X-HTML and X-DESK will change your view on how HTML and CSS 
apply to your applications! And that is because with Xbase++ 2.0, 
HTML/CSS-based content can be displayed independent of a web browser. This 
means that the visual appearance of an Xbase Part can be defined using HTML 
and CSS, allowing you to employ the same knowledge as for the design of your 
website - and vice versa! This opens up a whole lot of new possibilities, 
and provides you with functionlity going far beyond what is currently 
available with the owner-drawing feature.

Saturday, Nov. 16th, is about providing you with vital information regarding 
the future of Xbase++, and about possible ways to make your development 
process more effective.

More details about the conference, sessions and speakers can be found here:

Of course, this is German language only - but a nice showcase for a dynamic 
website using the Xbase++ <CXP/> platform.

Alaska Software