Alaska Software Inc. - Minor "bug" in tdArBrow()
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AuthorTopic: Minor "bug" in tdArBrow()
Jonathan LeemingMinor "bug" in tdArBrow()
on Fri, 21 Aug 2020 08:31:16 -0600

I came across a minor big in Clayton's tdArBrow() class (tdcArBrow.prg) 
where if one is editing cells in a browse and have the lJump set to .T. 
with the :cJumpDir set to "down" (or "downx") if the browse has to 
scroll to get to the next row it will pop out of edit mode.

Clayton was referencing ::nRowPos instead of ::nCurEl.  The relevant 
code segment around line 166 is...

ELSEIF (::cJumpdir == 'down' .OR. ::cJumpdir == 'downx') ;
                                  .AND. ::rowPos != ::rowCount
    *nOldPos := ::rowPos <-- Replace this
    nOldPos := ::nCurEl
    nEvent := NextAppEvent(@mp1,@mp2,@oXbp)
    DO WHILE nEvent <> 0
       nEvent := AppEvent(@mp1,@mp2,@oXbp,1)
       nEvent := NextAppEvent(@mp1,@mp2,@oXbp)
    *IF nOldPos != ::rowPos  .AND. ::cJumpdir == 'down' <-- Replace this
    IF nOldPos != ::nCurEl  .AND. ::cJumpdir == 'down'

Actually I was just revisiting the code as I write this post and believe 
the same adjustment likely needs to be made in the preceding lines where 
cJumpDir is set to "nextrow".

Every time I explore work with Clayton's library I can't help but think 
how much he contributed to my "life" and likely a good portion of the 
development community as a whole.

Regards and stay safe... Jonathan
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada