Alaska Software Inc. - PoweWeb app example - Event Management (Part 4)
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AuthorTopic: PoweWeb app example - Event Management (Part 4)
Slavoljub DamnjanovicPoweWeb app example - Event Management (Part 4)
on Tue, 21 Mar 2023 09:09:56 +0100
Application Event Management.

This is an application for browsing and editing events. It is an Alaska CXP
application example which is developed in the PowerWeb way.

In the attachments, you can find screenshots from the application and the
Xbase++ code for creating them. You can see in the code that each web UI
component is created with a single-function call and its attributes are set in
Xbase++ language and style without HTML/CSS.

Best regards,

Slavoljub Damnjanovic
SD-SoftDesign, Alaska-Software Technology Partner
Negotin, Serbia