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Carlos a Beling DbEditor Utility
on Fri, 09 Jun 2017 10:47:07 -0300
Good morning.
The DbEditor Utility was written in the DbEditor.prg header as follow:
		* Program..: DbEditor.prg
		* Author...: Jeremy Suiter
		* Date.....: 19/03/2003
It is a very good tool for working with data bases not SQL. Its original 
code is in the attach
Using it frequently I thought that I could contribute for making it 
visually better. Then I made changes in the code for accomplish it.
If one wants to compile it, please change the Pbuild.xpj.
So I posted here the new one code and I ask to Jeremy (or others) the 
kindness of take a look at in it and, if you do not mind, to make the 
needed corections for publishing the new one DbEditor utility for 
general usage.