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AuthorTopic: 1.9331 - hang after a while - CPU 98%
Customer ServiceNetiquette on Alaska Software Newsgroups
on Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:36:34 +0200
To whom it may concern!

Some of you surely have noticed by now,
that Alaska Software Inc. was made to
delete a couple postings and consequently
also the reply-postings.

These threads had to be deleted, since they did
violate the Alaska Software Inc. Netiquette, as
outlined on our Homepage. We strongly encourage
all of you to re-read the Newgroups Behavioral
Rules and Regulations
and kindly ask all of you to help enforcing them.

Flaming and slandering of other persons and/or
entities in an open forum cannot and will not be

We deeply regret this circumstance and that we were
made to take this step! By the same token, we hope
we can count upon your understanding and cooperation!

Best Regards,
Customer Service
Alaska Software, Inc.