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AuthorTopic: Migrating tables from FOXPro do POSTGRE
Osvaldo Luis AokiMigrating tables from FOXPro do POSTGRE
on Tue, 03 Oct 2017 02:02:47 +0200
   I haveinformation that PostGre will keep directory information of one 
Table. In my case, my system is Multi Company, them we have the same Table 
(Ex Sales.dbf) in more than one folder (directory).

   I understood that each file table had a file descriptor that indicate 
original directory e physical table name. And we can continue to open a dbf 
file in Postgre using directory specification that it translate correctly to 
correct name of postgre Table.

  But I convert it, but to open, it does not accept path on USE command.

  Is that true ?

  Osvaldo L AOki