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Simon White Vx Bugs
on Wed, 31 Mar 2010 16:15:04 -0400

If you select "Debug" from the "Run" menu in Vx without setting any 
breakpoints you get an address error in German.

The debugger sometimes skips program code when single stepping.  I have 
not figured out what causes this but it happens enough to be irritating.

The "Debug" option sometimes gets confused and fails to re-compile so 
that you are actually debugging old code.

Sometimes the "Run" menu item gets disabled so that you cannot debug 
your code etc.  Usually it requires a VS shutdown and restart though I 
have seen it fix itself after making some changes to a prg file in the 
Vx Editor.

If you have source code in several folders the linker gets confused and 
says it cannot find the obj files despite the fact that they exist in 
the main project folder.

When you click on the "Vx" icon on the Windows 7 task bar the 
application does not display until you click the mouse on the desktop.

If you move the Vx Project Manager around the desktop will debugging it 
often does not get re-drawn leaving alot of artifacts on the desktop.