Alaska Software Inc. - Polish leters in VX20 editor !
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AuthorTopic: Polish leters in VX20 editor !
Pawel LancuckiPolish leters in VX20 editor !
on Mon, 24 Apr 2006 00:19:28 +0200
Hi     Steffen F. Pirsig

Look at my post  from  2004-01-12 ,   Two years after  no changes.

I use  now VX20  with Alaska 1.90.330

I can't insert polish character in editor  (alt_n - char 110),
and   alt_s,
and  shift_alt_s,
and  shift_alt_n  too.

Your post from   2004-01-14

Adrian and Pawel,

we apologize for not having finally validated VX under different
Windows locale version - we are currently concentrating to get
VX feature-complete and stable.

Final validation against Eastern-Europe and Asia Windows versions
has not started yet. This is scheduled for march this year.

In the meanwhile we ask you to post us any finding independent
of its relevance - we will simple add them to our list of

For now we added Alt-N (numeric-pad-entry) and Alt-S (numeric-pad-entry)
support for polish characters not working.

Steffen F. Pirsig,


Pawel Lancucki