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Adam MesterJSON2Var
on Fri, 11 Aug 2017 14:53:53 +0200

I want to ask if it is possible with Xbase++ 2.0 (Build 2.00.817) to convert a
JSON string to a DataObject and how?

I see there is the reverse function Var2JSON() and it works as expected. The
existence of this function is mentioned only on the "Home page" of the
documentation, but nowhere else in details.

On the "Home page" it says: "Use Var2JSON() and jQuery.parseJSON(data); in
your mobile or web app to transform your Xbase++ objects into Javascript objects."

I see that in the Workbench I can add the jQuery as an asset to my project but
how can I use jQuery.parseJSON(data) in my project - or any other method that
converts JSON to DataObject.

Thanks in advance.