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AuthorTopic: StarLite written in CXP gets a lot more power
Nestor G. TorresStarLite written in CXP gets a lot more power
on Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:15:29 +0200
Hi Guy's

I have had my nose to the gride stone for the past couple of months 
making some significant changes to StarLite and Raps.

1) Customer May Also like Stock card relationships within the RAPS 
counter POS system wirtten in xBase ++ refer pictures attached. These 
relationships are dynamically translated into the CXP catalog web pages 
displayed within StarLite.
2) Have also incorporated nomenclature attributes to the RAPS Stock card 
records. Again these are translated in the StarLite CXP web pages. For 
example A stock card can be nomenclature as a Book giving the literals 
displayed by StarLite  to be "Author" instead of "Actor". The same said 
of "ISBN number" instead of "Model number". Making starlite even more 
flexible for use in other business models.
3)The stock description memo field can also contain imbedded html 
allowing for greater creative latitude. (this was not an easy feat)

You can have a look at how all this is coming together by visiting