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AuthorTopic: Accessing / Referencing a Windows Socket
Jonathan LeemingAccessing / Referencing a Windows Socket
on Sun, 18 Jun 2017 10:11:07 -0600
I am using CXP in conjunction with TCP/IP Windows Sockets.  When I 
create and use a socket within my CXP application and then call it again 
I can not reuse the same socket using the original nSocket value that I 
pass / access using ::session:nSocket.  I can retrieve the nSocket value 
but attempts to use it fail with "Internal data structures corrupted".

Is there any way to reuse the same socket connection in successive 
iterations of my application?  I've reviewed the documentation and found 
the following functions that may help but they raise the following 

The function SocketGethandle() apparently gets the window handle but I 
don't see any other functions that do anything with the handle... I'm 
sure there is a purpose???

If one enables socket debugging where is it logged and / or how does one 
use it?

SocketSetOption( nSocket, SO_DEBUG, .T.)

The SocketBind shows promise but how would I reference the socket from 
onother process?  In my case this would be the the various CXP programs.

SocketBind( <nSocket>         , ;
             [<nAddressFamily>], ;
             <xLocalAddress    , ;
             <nPort>           , ;
             [@<nError>]         )
The SocketBind() documentation states...

"Unless a name is bound to a socket, there is no way for other processes 
to reference it and, as a consequence, no data may be received on it."

What I am trying to do is create a CXP application that makes a socket 
connection to another computer acting as a server.  No data is stored or 
directly accessible from the CXP computer with all file operations 
(reading & updating records) do via the socket server.  I want to avoid 
having to make a new socket connection for each CXP program but rather 
have the same socket connection used.  Login.cxp calls menu.cxp which 
calls BrowseEngage.cxp.  As browses a data file BrowseEngage.cxp will 
call itself and I want to use the same nSocket.

Any suggestions / ideas appreciated!

Thanks... Jonathan