Alaska Software Inc. - looking for team leader/designer/analyst
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AuthorTopic: looking for team leader/designer/analyst
Les C. Csehlooking for team leader/designer/analyst
on Tue, 05 Aug 2014 15:11:06 -0400
I am looking for a team leader who will spend most of their time designing, 
developing specs, interacting with the team, testing and documenting.

You will be leading a small development team dispersed around the planet.
Full time preferred but will consider part time / trial contract at least to 
You need to be available mostly during daytime (eastern time/gmt -5).
Work from home.
I expect this will be a 2-3 year project, with a good possibility of it 
extending longer.
Relaxed work environment despite huge backlog.
Starts as soon as possible but I might delay for the ideal candidate.

- great communicator - with users, with development team, with customers - 
and written (specs, docs)
- team builder
- strong project management, employing suitable agile concepts to our 
- strong experience with xbase++, waa, oop, ajax, json, html/css (some php 
would be good but not required)
- designs must include testability
- ability to design for other environments eg. java, sql
- 80/20 - emphasis is on quantity with good quality - if you are a 
perfectionist, this gig is not for you

Sound interesting? Send your info to 
(and follow up if I don't acknowledge receipt of your email within a day).