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Scott KriseError while reading a file
on Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:48:12 -0400
Hello Everyone,

I'm having an on-going issue at one particular customer site. This is my 
largest customer with the most concurrent users (30-35 users). I user 
dbf/ntx tables.

I'm seeing a lot of "Error while reading a file" when the users is opening 
tables using the USE command, and I can't pinpoint why it's happening.

Here is a sample of the code I use to open tables.

function ojobbom
   select 57
   do while .t.
      use jobbom.dbf alias jobbom    <<<<--------- ERROR IS OCCURRING ON 
      if neterr()
         xtry = .f.
         do filelocked with xtry, "JOB BOM"
         if xtry
         return .f.
      if used()
         set index to jobbom1.ntx, jobbom2.ntx
         return .f.

return .t.

So, here is where I am thinking:

1)    I originally thought it was some sort of network connectivity issue 
where they were loosing connection with the network. Dropped packets, etc. 
But we've recently upgraded servers and the problem still occurs. I don’t 
feel like this is the problem completely because the error log gets written 
to the network as soon as the error occurs, so obviously that couldn’t 
happen if they lost the network...unless of course it is intermittent and is 
back when it comes time to write the error log.

2)  The other thing I think, but cannot prove or disprove, is that there is 
some sort of crash occurring where too many users are using/opening the 
table at the same time and the USE fails. In either case, shouldn’t the 
neterr() function deal with that sort of issue if that were occurring?

3) I have very similar issues when using GOTO TOP of a table.

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this...or what I can try 
to do to capture it without causing the system to crash?