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AuthorTopic: make Icon with transparency
Jim Leemake Icon with transparency
on Sat, 18 Aug 2018 05:07:11 +0200

to make a Bitmap from Icon ist easy but how to make a Icon ?

Source of XbpIcon is in \SOURCE\SYS\xbparts.prg so you can make a Copy and 
modify it

      VAR Handle

this Way you can assign a HICON to it and use it in your Xbase++ App.
i use it with Imagelist_GetIcon() where i got transparency.

you also have SaveFile( cFile ) ! Note : PDR 6681 / 6791
but Method SaveFile have a Problem : transparency

XbpIcon use OleCreatePictureIndirect / OleSavePictureFile()
is there a other Way to create a Icon with transparency when have HICON e.g. 
from Imagelist_GetIcon() ?