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AuthorTopic: New version Visual DBU 6.5.218
Dieter StelznerNew version Visual DBU 6.5.218
on Sat, 23 May 2020 16:38:20 +0200
the new version Visual DBU 6.5.218 can be downloaded from our 

Best regards
Your DS-Datasoft Team

Modification with this new release:
improved: export data/copy structure direct into repository
new: vdbu data is now located in c:\programmdata\vdbu for better installation
new: display entries in projekt-/ADS repository can be edit with F2 key
improved: table-/index file multi selection
new: DBF-/ADS repository: DBFNTX/DBFCDX/FOXCDX/ADSNTX tables: added index files can be stored for reopening
new: recent files: last used index files are be stored for reopening
new: DBFNTX/DBFCDX/FOXCDX/ADSNTX open index automatical can be switched off in file selection
new: last used size of table/index selection dialog will be saved