Alaska Software Inc. - Xbase++ 2.0 CTP4R5 available for download!
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AuthorTopic: Xbase++ 2.0 CTP4R5 available for download!
Alaska SoftwareXbase++ 2.0 CTP4R5 available for download!
on Thu, 24 Jul 2014 19:08:49 +0200
Dear Xbase++, Visual FoxPro and FoxPro developer,

In order to download Xbase++ 2.0 CTP4R5, please log into your customer 
account and go to Downloads->Community Previews. Of course, only customers 
with an active subscription and customers which have purchased Xbase++ in 
the last 12 months are eligible to participate in CTPs.

For details about this refresh, please consult the section "Release 
Information" of the Xbase++ 2.0 help file.

Please keep in mind that CTP-related questions and/or issues are to be 
posted in the dedicated news group preview.xbase++.20 on our news server

Alaska Software