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AuthorTopic: RegClass under Win7
AUGE_ OHRRegClass under Win7
on Sat, 02 Jun 2012 03:07:32 +0200

i try to read where Programm is installed


   oReg1 := XbpReg():NEW(cSuch)
   IF oReg1:Status()

this works fine. next i get a List of Subkeys

   aList1 := oReg1:KeyList()

the last Subkey is what i want

   nMax   := LEN(aList1)
   cSuch  += "\"+aList1[nMax]

now open Subkey

   oReg2 := XbpReg():NEW(cSuch)
   IF oReg2:Status()

this work on XP but not under Win7 ((

      aList2 := oReg2:KeyList()
      iMax   := LEN(aList2)
      FOR  i := 1 TO iMax
         IF aList2[i] = "Components"

so i do not get here ...

when use REGEDIT i have to take "ownership" of Object
( Replace owner  on sub containers and objects )

is there a Way in a Xbase++ to do this ?
i just want to "readonly" where Application with


is installed ( Xbase++ XVIDE.EXE ) under Win7

greetings by OHR