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AuthorTopic: Video refresh
Claudio Driussi Video refresh
on Mon, 22 Oct 2018 19:47:52 +0200
Hi everybody,

Sometimes when I close a form, the surrounding forms stay unpainted
and unreadable, and I should resize the main window to repaint the
whole application.

This don't happen in all conditions, but more often when I'm in
terminal server or on virtual machines. And I suspect that this
behavior is influenced from OS version and theme too.

It's a way to force the refresh the application view when I close
a dialog?

And more,

Sometimes the browsing of date it isn't really smooth, if
I browse a large table keeping holded the down key, i get
some unwanted pauses. I suspect this is caused from graphing
environment too.

Someone had the same problems? And there are some solutions?

Many thanks and best regards.

Claudio Driussi