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Jack DuijfXXP Meeting
on Sat, 06 Nov 2010 18:31:50 +0100

On November 20 the main event of XXP (Belgium and Netherlands XUG) 
organises her yearly "Main Meeting".
As tradition dictates the meeting takes place on a saturday, more 
specifically on november 20. The meeting's location is new, this year we 
meet at the "Tulip Inn", Oosterhout. This location is easy to reach, 
also for our Belgian collegues.

See :

The meeting starts at 13.00 hrs. with a welcoming session, of course 
featuring coffee and other refreshments. The afternoon program consists 
of two sessions, followed by dinner then by two evening sessions and 
finally the bar session. The "Tulip inn" also offers lodging, perhaps 
useful for those who enjoy bar sessions.
De meeting's programme is not yet fully finalised, but the plans are as 
follows :

Session 1 : Alaska Software presents the latest news on the developments 
in the Arctica project. This project has been Alaska's main 'new 
technology' project for quite some time and everyone is eager for news 
on that front. We are proud to say that this meeting will offer the 
latest information.

Session 2 : Strategy and practical aspects of development for "Cloud 
computing", using VMWare etcetera. For many among us these are still 
just buzzwords, Ronald Wingelaar will shed light on the dayly practice 
for the Xbase developer.

Session 3 : Design of user interfaces. Always a problem, everyone thinks 
that his own approach is best while everyone else agrees only with the 
thought. Still, it should be possible to create some order in this 
chaos. We hope to get some hints and basic rules from an expert in this 

Session 4 : Long term strategy in software development. The days that 
you could easily develop that little program that fit into that famous 
'hole in the market' and get rich, seems to be over, alas. Today, in the 
much matured software market, one needs a well thought out plan before 
you can start. Jan Groenestein will try to show how he tries to develop 
the long term strategy for his company and illustrates that showing 
present and under-development systems.

Session 5 : IP6.  Help ! The IP numbers are finished, what to do now ? 
IP6 is the answer, but for many among us the how and why, and certainly 
the technical details, of IP6 are still a mystery. Experts in this field 
will try to enlighten us.

Barring the bar session (during which it is particularly difficult to 
grab the public's attention); one of the sessions described above is a 
'reserve-session'. The programme is not yet final, but we did not thik 
it wise to try and grab a place in your agenda.

We hope to welcome as many of you as possible on November 20. The 
meeting is free for XXP members, others are invited to make a 
contribution ? 50,-- to cover the costs.
We kindly request anyone who wants to join us to annouce his intentions 
to us ( ) so that we can prepare accordingly.

Kind regards,
XXP board.