Alaska Software Inc. - 1.90 to 2.0 upgrade problem
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AuthorTopic: 1.90 to 2.0 upgrade problem
Scott Krise1.90 to 2.0 upgrade problem
on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 11:28:24 -0500
I posted the same thread under the "generic" group. I wasn't sure if this 
group is more closely monitored by xbase tech support...but thought it was 
worth a try.

Ill add one followup concern that may be causing my problem.

My guess is that my problem may be related to having dlls/libs from both 
versions in multiple places in the system from 1.9x as well as 2.0x?  I keep 
some of these files locally in the directory where I run my app....and in 
addition, both alaska folders are both referenced in my path. Since I am 
testing 2.0, but doing my day to day work in solution has been to 
change the path and other environmental variables to have whichever version 
im using at the top of the search order so It hits the one Im working with 

Is there a better way than this do run dual versions of Xbase on the same 


So Im doing a trial run of version 2.0. My app complies and links without
errors, but when I try to run it, I get the following:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to
close the application.

No error log, no fatal log, nothing.