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AuthorTopic: Operating System Errors with database applications
Kevin ThomasOperating System Errors with database applications
on Sun, 05 May 2019 09:08:36 -0400

I am getting numerous operating system errors for my clients that has a 
network.    I think that one of the reason why I am getting errors may due 
to losing connection to the network temporary.

I was able to duplicate a similar problem using a peer to peer network.  The 
problem with the peer to peer was the power management option for the 
network card was turn on and the network card was going to sleep.  Then, 
when I access the data on the host computer again, I got a error.   I am not 
sure if that is the problem that my clients have but it is a possibility.

I would just like to get confirmation that for a database application (dbf 
file) we should always turn off the power management for network adaptor.

If that is the case, are there any external documentation that state that 
this should be the case.   If I have external documentation is would make 
explaining to my client IT why it is necessary to make these changes to the