Alaska Software Inc. - configure() disrupts the order of :tabStop
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AuthorTopic: configure() disrupts the order of :tabStop
ErikL configure() disrupts the order of :tabStop
on Mon, 21 Jun 2021 08:51:03 +0200
Hello all,

I (and some others) have a problem with configure(). It changes the 
position in the childlist. The SLE is on position 8 in the list of 15 
sle's and pushbuttons. In SLE 7 I hit Tab, focus goes to SLE 8. Correct.

The killinputfocus of a numeric field (SLE on position 5) triggers the 
configuration of a text field (SLE 8) for the lenght to match the 
numeric value
After :configure() of the text field (SLE 8) it moves to the last 
position in the tab-order. When I hit Tab in SLE 7 focus goes to SLE 9. 
When I hit Tab from the last object (Pushbutton 15) on the drawingarea 
focus goes to SLE 8.

 Find SLE 8.
nField := ascan( aIctrl, { |x| x[IC_VNAAM] == VGB_DEFNN } )
 nLen is new number of characters in SLE 8.
aSize := { ( nLen * fsize[1] ), hsize[1] }
aIctrl[nField,IC_OBJ]:configure( , , , aSize )

Suggested workarounds are difficult because of the number of objects 
(mix of sle, mle and pusbuttons).

REQUEST to Alaska: Can you adjust the configure() so the object keeps 
its position in the childlist(), eg an extra parameter [<lPosition>] 
default to .F. ( is current :configure )