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AuthorTopic: Visual style on XbpDialog
Giorgio Stevanato Visual style on XbpDialog
on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 19:08:37 +0800
Is it possible to apply an HTML Visual Style to a XbpDialog or a XbpStatic?
I understand it is possible to set the VisualStyle property:

oDialog := XbpDialog():new()
oDialog:VisualStyle := XbpHTMLStyle():New( cCSS )
oDialog:VisualStyle:MinHeight:= 500

But how/where the actual HTML text is inserted?
I understand there is a XbpHTMLStyle:draw() method but it requires a 
presentation space.

In Alaska examples I found some code about a styled XbpComboBox, in this case 
the HTML is inserted for each item using the XbpComboBox:additem() method and in 
this case there is no need for any presentation space, all the magic happens 
inside the "additem" call.
So back to the point where the HTML goes for a XbpDialog or a XbpStatic? Any way 
similar to the combo box example above?