Alaska Software Inc. - List & Label report designer crashes under Windows 10
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AuthorTopic: List & Label report designer crashes under Windows 10
Chris Carmac List & Label report designer crashes under Windows 10
on Thu, 23 Apr 2020 11:02:44 -0400
Within the past several months I have encountered problems running the 
List & Label report designer under Windows 10. When I launch the report 
designer from within my application and attempt to modify a report, I 
frequently get "access violation" error messages, which crash the 
program.  The problem is particularly bad when adding or editing images 
on the report. I upgraded from version 23 to version 25 of L&L in an 
attempt to solve the problem, but that didn't help. It actually seems to 
be worse under version 25.

I sent a test copy of my application to Combit, and they were able to 
reproduce the problem, but they still haven't been able to fix the 
issue. They are currently discussing it with Microsoft, in an attempt to 
find a solution.

Thankfully, this issue seems to be isolated to Windows 10.  I don't get 
this problem when running the report designer on Windows Server 
operating systems.

I'm using version 1909 of Windows 10, version 25 of List & Label, and 
version 2.00.1087 of Xbase++.

Has anyone else encountered any issues with the L&L report designer in 
Windows 10? If so, how did you solve them?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Chris Carmac