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AuthorTopic: Starlight cxp dynamic two level menu
Nestor G. TorresStarlight cxp dynamic two level menu
on Fri, 31 Oct 2014 18:09:37 +0200
I've just been playing with my starlight menu creation. Note that within 
my Alaska Xbase counter application (RAPS) I can assign definable 
sections to stock categories. And stock records can have multiple 
categories assigned; the affect can be seen on starlight. Then the 
starlight cxp application creates a two level menu structure without the 
hassel of a web master putting it together. I'm very surprised as to how 
quickly it composes the menus and the dynamic html on the fly; and this 
from a laptop running iis7/cxp/asp and RAPS. Have a look .
I can almost come to a rest; just finishing off some documentation and 
some other odds and ends to complete this phase of the project.